I was looking to hire a marketing assistant at the Spanish beach resort where I used to work and, as you can imagine, the resumés kept coming in every day. So I printed them out and they’re all sitting in a pile when a colleague comes up and asks me if I had seen this young lady’s YouTube Channel. I looked at it, and at her Twitter, and her Linkedin and Instagram accounts and even before I had seen her resumé itself, I instantly knew she was the ideal candidate for the job. In two minutes, just like that!

This is what I mean when I speak about your personal brand — not some kind of corporate branding exercise where you are a product or something. No, not that at all! You are you. You are unique. But what will I find if I googled you right now or looked you up on the social media? Will I see the best you? Or will I find something else?

That’s what this is about. Your personal brand is simply the way people see you based on the stuff you and others are putting out there about you. Our task here is to get you back in control of your online presence. Put your best foot forward. Show the best you. To find out more about our Personal Branding Course pop me an email [email protected]