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What is the Job of a Hotel Community Manager?

Find out what it takes to be a great hotel community manager or hire one for your hotel Social media marketing and engagement used to be what we call 'bathroom business' – something that a hotel's staff could do in their downtime, a few minutes at a go, even while on the toilet. Up until...


Put your BEST FOOT forward and make 2017 the start of the rest of your life!

Valentine's day is gone, February's almost over, and any New Year's resolution you might have made is probably just a distant memory at this point. So now what? Well, we’re upping the game and hope you’ll join us. Look far ahead. Make 2017 about the rest of your life. Make your next big move...


Personal Branding to get the job you want

I was looking to hire a marketing assistant at the Spanish beach resort where I used to work and, as you can imagine, the resumés kept coming in every day. So I printed them out and they’re all sitting in a pile when a colleague comes up and asks me if I had seen this young lady’s YouTube...